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“I am music”

AYOTEMI is a Nigerian American independent Afro-Soul Artist hailing from the DMV. Laurel, Maryland.

With his refreshing and authentic approach to music, an invigorating outcome of his Nigerian roots, and influence from artists such as Fela, Bob Marley and D’Angelo, AYOTEMI has become an innovator and source of quality and genuine music spanning across all genres.

Equipped with an extraordinary and soulful voice, prolific emcee skills, and a tenacious mission to spread love, interconnectedness, and wisdom to his peers and youth, AYOTEMI is here to shake the very foundation of today’s music industry.

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Ayotemi - Hurricanes
Ayotemi - Healing (prod. JoeyKnocks)
"Healing" from Ayotemi's EP II(Yin) Listen here: IG: @ayotemimusic

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